As you can see, I’m adding your Website to your Testimonial (if I have it)

That way, my other Guests can take a Peek into Your world. :)

I will list the newest Letters first, to keep the Messages updated in case you Frequent my Site

and check on the new Designs we are busy Creating.

And, of course, Thank You sooo much for taking the time to write in > it really does Mean the World to me!! :))

Zipi Berezovski

WOW!!!! is all I have to say.  The bathing suit came in the mail yesterday, and it looks amazing on.

The pictures you sent me did no justice for how beautiful this bathing suit really is.  It fits perfectly which I was surprised, because in the pictures you sent, it looked bigger and I was a little worried, but when I put it on it was just perfect for me!!!!

The three friends that saw it want a bathing suit made too!!! They loved it!!! We should do a collaboration together making bathing suits.  Anna Kostorova who does the sports illustrated bathing suits has nothing on you!!!!

I absolutely love the bathing and I can’t Thank You enough.  I also love the little flower you included, and I’m going to somehow wear it in my hair, when I wear my bathing suit.

I will also take some pictures and email them to you.  Thanks a bunch!!!!! Talk soon


Happy Canada Day!!!!


Lauren Best, Singer/Songwriter
“Wearing Anne’s designs onstage provided a fun, funky, and unique image.

I received great feedback- people not only really liked the designs but also appreciated the handmade quality.

Anne’s designs also spiced up photo shoots- they added flair to the aesthetic in both photos and film.”

Jacey Dean
I am really excited to hear of your success this past weekend, but not at all surprised.
I have to say that you are a REAL example of a real woman who has made a success out of her passions by following her heart. (Even in times when the world did not offer a lot of support)

I remember many years ago, watching you knit things, rip a crappy old jacket apart and in a few hours recreated it into something exquisite, beautiful and unique.

Refurbish pieces of furniture that seemed useless, and turned it into something that people would fight over to purchase.

At one time, all of this was a hobby, a stress reliever, something you did for friends, just because you could.

Now look what has happened, you stuck to it, kept at it, and continued to grow and tap into that creativity.
You have an amazing talent, and I just love to go online and look at what little treasures you have in your store.

I also wanted to thank you so much for mailing all the way to Bermuda the Ragamuffin I fell in love with.. (AKA Gagamuffin) and the hat along with the hair bands.

My package arrived just on the right day, at the right time.

Amazing of you to happily put these items in the mail for me. I am sure there are others outside your area that would LOVE to receive one (or many) of your creations by mail.

The best part of what you do for anyone that does not know you as I do, is that EVERYTHING you do not only comes a creative place inside of you.  It comes directly from your heart.

You are one of the most compassionate, loving, honest women I know and you manage to take that from your heart, and channel it out through the tips of your fingers, allowing your wonderful creations to be enjoyed by the rest of us.

Yes, there is fashion and there is creativity, but anything created from a place of love, is in a class all of its own.

I love you dearly my friend, and am so proud to say I know you, and have been a small part of your BIG journey.
Always looking forward to what’s next.
Jacey Dean

Hi Anne.
It was nice meeting you at the clothing show, I really liked all your designs and I am happy with what I have bought from you.
I tried to join you over facebook but couldn’t find you.
So please add your super model. :)))
Good Luck

Mary Hawkins
Great job ladies.  Lovely products.

Alex Kenzora
I just realized you made a whole photo section for me, that’s soo nice. :) It almost brought a tear to my eye…

The pictures of Hannah are adorable and I loved the really long black necklace you did, it looks awesome!
Love you! xoxox

I really liked this! Great job!

Suze Katz
Hey Anne, again, great meeting you this past weekend.

I love your energy and your stuff is great.  Tried to find your group on facebook but so far no luck for some strange reason.

Anyway keep in touch, and if I can make it in to say hello at the clothing show, I will come and find you.
Suze Katz

Corrin Toms
Just stopping by for an update…

Wow you’ve been busy, everything is looking great and exciting new designs.

I wish I was closer I would take one of those classes.
Ta Ta for Now!!

Melinda Jean Marie
Okay I told you this afternole site is fantastic, and my jewels sparkle!!!

I love this site so much it makes me want to weep with tears of joy… bless you Anne!!

Venessa Jericka Johnston
It’s no surprise that your talents keep growing.
Hey – I didn’t know my green sweater could look so good!  (I have the same one).

Alex Kenzora
Everything looks amazing!!

Mary Kamermans
Hello, check outmy B&B in New Mexico, I will have the Coe Hill site soon.

Holly Beard
Your site looks great, Anne!  Beautiful… Just like you! :)

Beth Grixti
I love your site Anne!!
You are brilliantly talented!! You see the beauty in things before it is there, and are able to make it happen!
I so wish I had your eye, and maybe a make over, using that eye.. hahaha
Model Squad season two please!!!!

Charmaine Holtz
These pics are awesome and amazing, excellent job!
If you are ever looking for a model, let me know.  I am always willing! LOL

Corrin Toms
Absolutely Fabulous Darling!!!!

David White
Beautiful, thoughtful & stimulating!

Jeremy Hopkins
Hello mother, thought I’d check out your site.

Krysti M
Hey.  Site looks good! :)

Amy Durrer
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new website!!!!!

Anne Hopkins
Thanks for sending your letters in, I just ‘LOVE’ them!! xo

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