Special Note: We Only use Recycled Suede and/or Leather..

We are actually just Breathing new life into Tired skins that had been Retired.. or plainly just TIRED after a Fad was over. :(

** We do this as a way of Rejuvenating, Appreciating and Worshipping those who literally Died for Fashion.

We now Honour these lost Souls and Resurrect them, Bringing them back to Life, in the Here and Now!

This Coral Pink Jean Bag was made using a pair of Jeans from the 80′s

adorned with Studs and Everything..

Added some ‘Recycled’ Vintage pink Suede – from a Tired old Suede Jacket from the 70′s

and my Crochet.. can’t forget my Crochet.  ha ha


More Bags Coming Soon.

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